100 Dean Rd, Bateman, Western Australia 6150 Weekend Mass Times: Saturday - 6.30pm, Sunday - 8am, 9.30am, 11am & 6pm


This is a gentle reminder to all EMHC to try and be at the mass your are rostered at, at least five minutes before mass. At this stage, if the form for the relevant mass is not fully signed, other EMHCs attending mass are required to fill in their names at the bottom of the sheet and initial too. However, if you have been requested by a EMHC to stand in for them, then please strike off that person’s name and add your name in the space.

Please note that those rostered need not sign in if they arrive late and see that there are the required number of EMHC already signed in. If there are less EMHC at the altar and you kindly go up to assist, please remember to fill in your details on the safeguarding sheet at the back of the church before you leave the church.
All EMHC are required to provide the parish office with a copy of a current working with children card and must have attended EMHC training within the last two years. Please note, unless you comply with both these requirements you are not eligible to administer Holy Communion in our parish. Additionally, you need to fill in the Safeguarding Forms 2 and 18 and hand them in to the parish office if you have not already filled in these forms. These forms are available in a tray in the church foyer.