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On behalf of the Parish Building Management Committee we would like to advise the Parish that our Committee has been reviewing maintenance and safety issues associated with the four large Lemon Scented Gums adjacent the Shrine on the west side of the Church.
The roots of two of these trees have disturbed the brick paving over many years and this has caused a trip hazard for members of the public attending the Parish.

In addition, the same two trees are planted close to the Parish Hall with limbs overhanging the roof. This creates the risk of a falling branch damaging the building as well as dropping leaves into the gutters.

Lastly, committee members were concerned that there was a risk that the trees may drop a large branch during high winds and potentially injure a member of the public attending the Parish.

To address these risks the Committee obtained a report from “The Arbour
Centre” which included an overall assessment of the health of the trees.

Upon review of the report and after discussion by the Committee we recommend:

  • The two Lemon Scented Gums closest to the Parish Hall located in
    the brick paving are removed, stumps are ground out and the paving
    is repaired.
  • The two lemon Scented Gums located in the grass adjacent are retained
    and have their canopies pruned. The roots of these trees are
    within the grass area and do not present a trip hazard.
  • Two new trees of a more suitable species (perhaps Tipuana Tipu),
    are planted in the nearby grass area to provide shade and maintain
    the appealing landscaped entry to our church.

The Committee has great reluctance to remove these beautiful trees however
we believe they were planted in the wrong location and now pose a
serious safety risk. It is proposed that the trees will be removed in the coming October school holidays.
If parishioners have concerns about the removal of the trees; please contact
the chair of the Committee:
Eamon Broderick via email on ebroderick@trcb.com.au .

Thank you!
Eamon Broderick