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Mental Health_ Online Free Webinars

We’d like to share with you that the organisation HELPINGMINDS offer free 1-hour long webinars on different topics in the Mental Health area. These are the ones available on their website at the moment:

Topic 1: Facing Challenges Webinar – For Teens (8th or 15th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/facingchallenges-6/

Topic 2: Boost Your Wellbeing Webinar – For Everyone (8th or 15th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/boostwellbeing-14/

Topic 3: Positive Choices Webinar – For Teens (9th or 16th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/positivechoices-6/

Topic 4: Raising Resilient Children Webinar – For Everyone (9th or 16th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/raisingresilient-16/

Topic 5: Understanding Anxiety – For Everyone (10th, or 17th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/understandinganxiety-7/

Topic 6: Social Media & Mental Health Webinar – For Teens (10th, or 17th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/socialmedia-18-2/

Topic 7: Relaxing The Mind Webinar – For Everyone (10th, or 17th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/relaxmind-7-2/

Topic 8: Lifelong Resilience Webinar – For Teens (10th, or 17th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/lifelongresilience-10/

Topic 9: Mental Health Basics Webinar – For Everyone (7th or 14th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/mentalhealthbasics-14/

Topic 10: Starting Conversations Webinar – For Teens (7th or 14th September). Link: https://helpingminds.org.au/pec-events/startingconversations-4/

Each topic is repeated so you could choose the time that suits you best. You just need to register your interest online and they will email you a link to join the webinar.

God bless you and always remember that God LOVES you and will never abandon you; just place your trust in Him.

Bateman Parish – Mental Health First Aid Team