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Dear Parishioners,
Following on from the presentation on the proposed columbarium design by the contracted architect Simon Pendal on
Sunday 16th May, scale models and artists’ impressions are
now available for viewing in the church foyer and a summary
of the proposal is available on the sheet provided, with the
Overall, the reaction of parishioners to the project has been
positive but naturally some questions have been raised and
suggestions have been put forward. Fr Phong is mindful of
providing parishioners with the maximum opportunity to understand and connect to this important parish project. So
additional time has been set aside for consultation, and the
questionnaire forms part of that process.
We request you take some time to consider the information
and explanations that have been presented on the
columbarium design. We assure you your responses and
views will be taken into account in arriving at a consensus
on the final design of the project.
Thank you.
St. Thomas More Projects Committee