Feeling tense?

Enjoy moments of relaxation at home with our massage products.

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Breathe deeply at long last

Our inhalers provide targeted treatment of the airways and offer relief from symptoms of asthma and colds.

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Health monitoring at a glance

Thanks to our reliable blood pressure monitors, you can keep a constant eye on your own vital data!

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Our product highlights

RS 650

Lounge chair

RM 100 (packet of 10)

10x FFP2 protective face masks

BS 444 connect

Body analysis scales

Our product categories

Health control

Vital signs at a glance

Wellness & heat

for improved well-being

Massage chairs

for relaxing at home

Therapy & healthy home

for better quality of life

Personal care

for a well groomed appearance


for an active lifestyle

Your health in good hands

The topic of health has grown in importance in recent years.

Having a healthy, conscious lifestyle is a concern for many people, and not only when their own health requires special measures. In order to facilitate people’s everyday lives, we have developed a range of medical products: medical devices that can be used to treat chronic conditions, as well as in situations requiring specific monitoring.

At medisana, we are constantly producing innovative, easy-to-use medical devices for a range of health monitoring segments which will impress you with their flawless results. In addition to medical devices, however, our portfolio also includes products for your own well-being. At medisana, we try to bring the spa experience into your own home through our products. Massage devices and other relaxation products ensure increased well-being. Discover the diversity of medisana!